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Cultural/artistic training

Didattica Museale Emmanouil Tzigkounakis


The planning and realization of every type of training meeting responds to the great responsibility and importance of the work of transmitting the universal value of Beauty and knowledge to the youngest and the oldest. The courses offer a formative vision of the techniques and knowledge of the artistic heritage of the past and present: material, physical and chemical characteristics, methodologies and stylistic characteristics, historical and cultural relationships. If you want to know more about private lessons, don't hesitate to contact me.


Museum education is the combination of experience in terms of cultural education and love for the cultivation of culture and its development through direct communication with the public.

Through my activity I propose specific museum training programs (guided tours, workshops, etc.)  in close collaboration with museums and other cultural organizations and with other specialists in the sector, and all in accordance with the characteristics and the needs of the public. For more information contact me through the specific page of the site. 

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